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Your dignity! Going once, going twice, sold!

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Say you are a diehard Lost fan who hasn’t totally given up on this ridiculous show. I know, it sounds insane that anyone still likes it, but go with it. Maybe you want a piece of this show, if only to remember the hours and hours and hours you wasted on it.

I understand. Since it took a piece of your life, shouldn’t you be able to have a tangible piece of memorabilia to hold onto? You’re in luck. ABC is auctioning off set pieces and props to the highest bidder at the San Diego Comic-Con convention, which starts tomorrow.


The numbers mean nothing! NOTHING!

Think of owning Hurley’s lottery ticket as a bitter reminder that you can’t ever put your trust in JJ Abrams when it comes to TV because he will impregnate you with a great idea, then leave when the baby is delivered with 14 fingers and 8 toes.


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