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True Blood at Comic Con: Season 2 Preview Part 2.

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HBO has made available the trailer for the rest of season 2 that they premiered at Comic Con (contains spoilers):

Vodpod videos no longer available. has gathered the videos of the True Blood panel at Comic Con here.

Among the announcements from the panel:

  • True Blood the drink will become a reality–it will be a blood orange soda. It will be available September 10, just in time for the season finale. You can pre-order it at the HBO store.
  • The love triangle (of Sookie, Bill, and Eric) will heat up this season, which goes along with the theme for the season, which is war.
  • You won’t see Blade or Reneesme: Alan Ball said there will never be half-human/half-vamps. Everyone in the True Blood universe is either hot or cold, yes or no, in or out, up or down.
  • In the third season, we’ll meet werewolves (yay) and also, the Mississippi vampires.

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