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“Hard-Hearted Hannah,” True Blood: In Pictures.

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[Apologies for the late post–there were technical difficulties.]


After the jump, the memorable moments from “Hard-Hearted Hannah.”

Surprise! Lorena’s appearance is all because of Eric. Also, I lost the first memorable image, which was of Eric and his bored blood-sucking at the beginning of the episode. So let’s remember and make mind pictures.

Lorena tried to play cool with Eric, but apparently his flashbacks are catching and we went back in time to (kill Hitler and) watch Bill sing the song from which this episode gets its title.

Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, Terry does not like surprises.

And he also doesn’t like the direction his cousin Andy is going. He is not making his arrests with dignity! Oh and he’s not making arrests, either, since he’s not really a cop now.

Terry is of course, perhaps the only person who can relate to Lafayette’s PTSD and the former just cranks up his already-established awesomeness in comforting the latter.

Speaking of awesome, how hot was Hoyt when he stood up to his mama? [Answer: So hot.]

When I get nervous, I just say so much! (Yet another thing Sookie and I have in common.)

Aaand speaking of too much, Lorena continued her flashback. It turns out that Bill’s always been into the bloodsports.

I laughed out loud when we saw the FOTS sanctuary. How can you possibly sit in there without sunglasses?

But uh, don’t tell them.

Thankfully, the sun is going down and that means Pam is up! Oh and guess what, Lafayette? You’re back in the V business!

And since it’s nighttime, Jessica is also awake. She’s bummed to find she has no messages from Hoyt, but what’s better than a live message?

Things are not going well for Sookie and Rufus at the church…

But Bill is currently pinned down.

I didn’t mention the Maryann-related storylines so far because I am tired of them, mainly because of stuff like Eggs and Tara finding that weird spot in the woods and then following a trail to another weird spot. Aaaand Sam being like, drum circles never lead to good (I’m sayin’!) seconds before he’s captured. Why didn’t he shift? Who knows? Anywho, Daphne betrays him and he’s dragged to the orgy ritual nonhappy times and we end the episode with a knife being presented and Sam all, what is this I don’t even.


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