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True Blood: Not the Maryann Kind.

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It’s all true. I refused to cap the past episode of True Blood because I cannot take another second of that plotline. It’s not even making sense now! Why is Sam’s cell address book so formal? How is sodomizing an inanimate object a crime? Why didn’t the police bring Sam in for an interrogation rather than just throwing him in a cell? Why can’t Andy explain he saw a person wearing a bull mask rather than a bull person or whatever the hell he blabbered? Hey, I’ve got another bull word that would fit this plotline!

So I will be back with the caps next Monday, as this season is getting closer to the end and hopefully, taking the Maenad story with it. That’s not to say that I hated the previous episode. There were some lovely bits, including everything having to do with Eric. So let’s reflect on him and wait this Maenad stuff out.



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  1. Also, so Sam finds himself alone in his bar with a murdered woman he was seen arguing with and the police are knocking on the door and Sam, who can turn into an animal at will, ANY animal, just stands there. Right.

    P.S. I also liked Sookie asking Eric if Goderic is his maker and Eric telling her not to use words she doesn’t understand, then her telling him he seems to “have a lot of love” for Goderic and Eric telling her not to use words HE doesn’t understand.

  2. I like the Maenad twist.The Greek mythological and ritual angle is what keeps me watching.

    I think the literate variety Harris, and following her, the shows creators, put into this fictional world actually spices things up and makes Bon Temps, Dallas et alia much more interesting!
    On the contrary, its actually some(not all) of the vampire plot lines that are boring me to tears. And honestly, the whole vampire-human love/death thing has been done a thousand times since Stoker; Interview with a vampire, Twilight, the Addiction, Queen of the Damned, and so on, ad nauseam.

    I am all for a richer, more varied cast of characters and storylines including, but not limited to, vampires this time around.

  3. I like the IDEA of the Maenad plot, but the execution is driving me slowly insane. Really slowly. Like snail-paced. I never thought I would say this but… ENOUGH WITH THE ORGIES!

  4. I was for the Maryann storyline before I was against it. Now it’s made me bored with orgies.

    You know what I’d love to see? (Sit down–shocker coming.) It starts with wol and ends with ves. This is Louisiana–where my roux-ga-roux at?

  5. The “orgies” (more correctly, “bacchanalia”) really are boring, definitely not accurate, too plain vanilla (!) and not enough variety, like it was some American frat boy’s idea of an orgy. In a real bacchanalian frenzy, there would be all sorts of match-ups including male same-sex, conspicuously absent in a show that seems to try to be cutting edge.

  6. Ah, yes. I’ve found it remarkable how so many can be enthralled and yet still keep their underwear on. Maybe they’re just not showing us the invites–You are cordially invited to a bacchanalia. Dress code: orgy casual.


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