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“I Will Rise Up,” True Blood: In Pictures.

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The memorable moments from last night’s episode after the jump (NSFW):

It turns out Luke wasn’t alone when he came to the nest and the two guys with him try to make a getaway, but Bill grabs one of them from their van and reminds him that it’s rude to leave without a proper goodbye.

Meanwhile, Eric is all “*koff* I’m ever so dying,” so Sookie, after first refusing with the brilliant “No, because it’s…ew,” sucks out the bullets that hit him. Eric: *WOINK*

Everyone goes back to the hotel to recuperate and the Stackhouses have a lovely talk about the importance of sticking together.

Two others that could use that talk are the Newlins, whose bickering on-air appearance is outshone by Steve’s hair, which is achieving Blagovian levels of ridiculousness. Like an explosion in a haystack…

Back in Bon Temps, things are still crazy. That lady with her orgies and her heart pie is still doing things and I still don’t care. Arlene tearfully pleads with Terry to stop being extra-peculiar and they make up:

And Terry actually smiles, like he’s just about to go tell Arlene that she smells nice or that her hair is the same color as an orphanage fire or something equally romantic.

And Lafayette is already pissed at Tara for staggering in late, but that’s nothing compared to the colorful expletive-filled explosion he has when he confronts Eggs after seeing the bruise on Tara’s cheek.

Hoyt is having an explosion of his own, as he tells his mama that he’s a grown-ass man and would like Maxine to make an effort at least to get to know Jessica…

…whom he’d sang to sleep earlier. And by the way, I was remiss in mentioning the genius of their sex scene being set to “Bleeding Love.” Of course, that takes on a different meaning since we’ve now learned about poor Jessica’s regenerating hymen.

Jessica just tries so hard to be nice to Maxine, but she’s hateful and reminds our young vamp that she don’t have nothin’ for birthin’ no babies, because that is what Hoyt wants and Maxine knows because I’m sure she totally asked him.

Real talk, though–that bitch made my Jessica cry. She also made Hoyt walk out and Maxine better get used to being alone or let Hoyt live his own life.

Because Sookie ingested some of Eric’s blood during his malingering, she may be sexually attracted to him now, explains Vampire Bill. So get used to these dreams, Sook, and then join the club–it’s called everyone and we meet in Merlotte’s.

Lafayette executes a military procedure and liberates Tara from the Stackhouse abode.

And Nan is not interested in your bullshit. Oh and Godric’s fired.

Of course, Godric is okay with that because he thinks it’s time for him to go. But Eric’s less enthused about that plan.

So Godric commands Eric as his maker one more time for old time’s sake to let him go, and Eric leaves Godric on the roof of the hotel, to be watched over by Sookie.

All she wants to know is if Godric is afraid and he says he’s not. He’s happy. Then he goes fission.

And just like that, he’s gone.


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