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How I Met Your CSI: Miami Team

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I think, in all the not-at-all-important moments in the history of CSI, this will be the most non-important! But also the most AWESOME!

CSI: Miami’s season premiere is all about how Horatio got his sunglasses groove on. You think I’m kidding. But I am not.

Check it out:

How you gonna leave a lizard king hanging out there, all shading his eyes from the sun like some sort of commoner?

The other reason I am excited for this episode of CSI: Miami is because if it’s a prequel-esque episode of “how they all met” then that means I don’t have to see Wolfe. But I wonder if they’ll bring Speedle back. That would be good. There was a time when this show was not the hideous joke it is now. I mean, it was, but it wasn’t AS hideous.

God, I love every cheesy minute! Especially when Horatio croons “Yeaaaaah. They’re gonna rename it seeee esssss eyyyye!” AWFUL! God, David Caruso, you are SO TERRIBLE!


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