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Dr. Horrible, you make good Emmys

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We here at the Boob love Neil Patrick Harris. And it is a Goddamn shame that he lost his Emmy to Jon Cryer. The landmark Doogie V. Duckie fight may have technically be won by Cryer, but we assure you friends, it is a mere battle in a war and we think we all know how this war will end. CBS didn’t call up Cryer and ask him to host and produce the Emmys. You know why? Because Jon Cryer is comedy poison. Not like Charlie Sheen is, but you know. Unless Cryer wears a full-body condom when filming scenes, he probably contracted a disease from Sheen that has left him impotent. In the humour department. Boo yah!

In other news, we would like Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris to host next year’s Emmy Awards as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. Please see below for how to: be funny, make television seem lame, promote a web series that helping dig network TV’s grave, display impeccable comic timing, shine a spotlight on two incredibly sexy and funny men without even having them make out a little bit. More’s the pity.

Memo to future Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog writers: Make that kissing thing happen. Or else.


Nothing else of note happened at The Emmys, except for how David Simon cut a bitch for giving all those mini-series Emmys to Little Dorrit instead of Generation Kill. Gee guys, the least you can do is let him win one for Treme next year. If you don’t, we will travel to where you are, burn down The Emmys and salt the earth so that nothing may grow. DIG?


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