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As Tanis mentioned, she and Jess are in Europe and I’ve reacted much like a child left alone while her parents go away for the weekend–I haven’t done any of my chores. We are likely not doing the fall preview this year, but I thought I’d mention what I’m watching this season.

First of all, Tanis hates The Vampire Diaries while I love every soapy drop. It makes a fun lead-in to Supernatural, which has been on point this season, by the way. Watching both of them mock a certain inexplicable cultural phenomenon is hilarious.

I am up to my ears in vampires, as I’ve also just watched the first season of BBC Three’s Being Human, a dramedy about a vampire (Mitchell) and werewolf (George) who, in an effort to live a more normal life, move into a home together. They are not the only ones living there, however, as the house is already home to Annie, a ghost. While this sounds like the intro to a bad joke, the show is actually well done, managing to be funny and sweet as it explores what constitutes well, being human.


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