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Glee: Except for the times when you get exactly what you want

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The final episode of Glee until April aired last night and it was pretty OK. Parts of it were awesome. The parts with Brittany.

Let’s go over the evidence, shall we?

Salome posted the clip of the promo yesterday, where Brittany reveals that she and Santana have… uh, hit a high C together. Also, she kept a bird in her locker. I will overlook how gross that is (Look for my book, Birds: The Sickening Scourge of the Sky, out next spring) because Brittany is the fuckin’ best. She is quickly becoming my favourite character on this show and it seems entirely accidental. The writers gave her a couple of lines and the actress (So You Think You Can Dance contestant Heather Morris) decided to play her as kind of slow, but loveable. My other favourite lines from her include: “It’s a male duck.” “Some of us can’t bake! I find recipes confusing.” “Where’s your wheelchair?” “I lost it.” “They made me talk to her when I was keeping that bird in my locker.” I have a feeling you will go far, Heather Morris. Kudos!

There WERE other parts that I liked, including Mercedes’ solo. I sort of can’t believe that not only did she not get to sing “And I Am Telling You,” at sectionals, she didn’t really get more than a shout at the end of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Sigh. Chocolate Thunder, you lose again. If only you were paler and named Rachel! Then you could sing all the songs! Salome texted me to tell me how much she liked Mercedes’ song. I missed the text because I was too busy THROWING MY REMOTE AT THE TV when it was revealed that she wouldn’t get to sing the song at sectionals. Of course, I knew she wouldn’t when she sang the whole thing in the classroom. Part of the problem with this show is, because of the way they are choosing to promote the songs, they don’t ever repeat anything. So you’re never going to hear “True Colors” again, and it’s unlikely they’ll perform “Somebody To Love,” even though they sang it during sectionals.

I’ll get to Sue in a minute. Trust me. Really, this episode was only great if you actually cheer for Will. And who cheers for Will? His character is the worst. I mean “You can’t always get what you want, Finn.” What!? You’re getting exactly what you want! Your kids won their trophy with their thrown together song selections, your nemesis has been suspended from the school, your crazy wife’s fake pregnancy was exposed, which frees you up to leave her, your hair is at its ichiban noodliest and you’re kissing your germaphobe sweetie in the hallway. Ain’t life grand?

Back to my original statement about cheering for Will: No! Don’t do it! This goes double for cheering for Rachel. I think Lea Michelle is doing an excellent job of the role, but the scene where everybody, including Mercedes, tells Rachel that she’s the best singer? WUH? No she’s not! As several characters have pointed out, she is also incredibly annoying in a Tracey Flick kind of way. It’s tough to love her.

But I digress. In the end, Sue Sylvester managed to squeeze in a few zings, even when she was being dismissed. I hated the smug smile on Will’s face and I eagerly await her comeback so she can crush him properly. Sue is the best, most devious, over-the-top villain that you could ever hope to have on your show. She joins Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman and Jason Isaacs in my “Always root for the bad guy” harem. And it’s a good thing, too. It was starting to become a bit of a sausage party in there.

I suppose that I should just be thankful that the baby drama is mostly over. That got really annoying. Also: no more Glee until April. 😦 Huh. You know, earlier, Salome and I thought it was kind of a bad move on Fox’s part to hold back on airing Glee this summer. But it turned out to be a good strategy for them because the anticipation of this show is better than the show itself. So I think it’s going to have a big audience waiting for it when it comes back in April of 2010. It seems like a long way off, I know, but for once, I don’t think it matters. It’s a cake made entirely of icing and if America loves nothing else, it loves icing.


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