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The Tonight Show With…Jerry Seinfeld?

That’s the rumor. Yeeeeeah. I don’t think that’s such a great idea. Jerry Seinfeld is good at many things, but I don’t think his skills are best suited for the talk show format. Of course, I don’t think he has the inclination to be a talk show host, either. And as in many situations, I agree with Brendon at WWTDD:

Aren’t these the same people who fired Leno when he was in first place? And then put him on at 10, on a show that is in last place by a mile every single night, thus giving Conan no lead in? Shouldn’t they be the ones who get fired?


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  1. What is this I don’t even….. !!!!!

    NO SERIOUSLY. I will CUT A BITCH if they pull the plug on Conan and give it to Jerry Seinfeld! Jesus Christ, NBC is so out of touch!

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