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You go to hell, Jay Leno!

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You go to hell and die!

My favourite TV blogger, Alan Sepinwall, asks the question: Is NBC moving Leno back to 11:30? This then begs the question: What about Conan? TMZ says he’s out.


Leaving out the fact that it’s TMZ and they’re not always right, I have another question. Is Jay Leno the biggest douchebag in all of late night? I think NBC is a big part of the problem here, but they aren’t doing this without Leno’s apparent desire to do Conan dirty.

His new show, which airs at 10 p.m., BOMBED in the ratings and left Conan without a lead-in to the Tonight Show, resulting in, yes, low ratings.

How can a network that got it so right with The Office, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation and Community go so, so, soooo wrong? Our struggle to understand NBC’s idiocy is well documented here. As is our massive lady boner for Conan O’Brien.

But it bears repeating: Jay Leno, you need to step down. This is the exact opposite of Johnny Carson’s grace and poise. This is sad, clutching at straws, foot-dragging lame-itude and it needs to end.

***Edited because the usual suspects have chimed in.

I don’t always agree with the Monsters at Videogum or the AV Clubbers, but they are all very right about this. I especially feel Gabe’s final comment about how stupid we’re all going to feel when this inevitably turns out to be false. Except I won’t feel stupid. I will feel angry.

I always get the feeling that the network is the party responsible for floating these rumours so they can take the temperature of the Internerds. Consider this a fever of 105. The only prescription? More Conan. As for taking the temperature of middle America, fuck them. Instead of taking their temperature, maybe you should take their pulse. I don’t think they’re breathing. And for that, the network prescribed some chicken soup for the soul in the form of Leno’s shitty 10 p.m. show. Middle America responded by not watching. So GTFO, Jay Leno.



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