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Late Night rumble!

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Is it any surprise that in this epic battle between late night hosts, the Internets side with Conan and the Olds side with Leno? I would ask Leno to please stop being an idiot, but he knows nothing else!

So the new rumour is Jay’s heading back to 11:35, Conan’s at 12:05 and Jimmy Fallon takes the 1:05 slot. NBC, you are stupid, stupid, stupid!

Last night, Leno had the audacity to joke about moving to Fox. You know where you can move, you unfunny fucker? Anywhere but here, OK? I don’t care about your work ethic or your feeling that you’re not ready to retire. God. What I wouldn’t give for one of those old-timey hooks that comes out and yanks you off the stage!

Conan kept quiet last night and somehow managed to contain what I imagine must be pure, unadulterated rage.

Is he a classy guy or what? The thing is, I kind of wish he’d take the gloves off. Conan is far funnier than they are letting him be. He is not a company guy. He’s the guy who makes fun of the company guy. So it sort of sucks that he kind of has to pretend to be that guy now.


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