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Jimmy Kimmel tells Leno he’s a jag TO HIS FACE

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This late night war continues to be interesting.

Last night, Jay Leno, king of everything he surveys, had Jimmy Kimmel on his 10@10 segment, likely to reprimand him for his very funny performance earlier this week when he spent his entire show dressed as Leno, complete with wig, chin prosthesis and lisp, and then interviewed Chevy Chase, who came out dressed as Conan. I’m very sure Leno expected Kimmel to be embarrassed and apologetic.

Unfortunately for Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel was not having any of that. This interview is an exercise in awkwardness that devolves into a squirmy public shaming.

I especially love the part at the end where Kimmel tells Leno that he and Conan have families to think of, but all Leno has is too many antique cars. TRUTH BOMBS!

I also love that this is up on youtube because Kimmel’s people put it up there. Enjoy it while you can, kiddos! I imagine NBC’s lawyers are hard at work drafting papers demanding that it be taken down.


Oh, and because we don’t want to seem biased, we thought we’d also share this link for anyone who wants to support Jay “big jaw” Leno: Don’t say we never did nothin’ for you, guys.


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