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Tonight Show For Sale. Deep Crows not included.

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It’s official. Stick a fork in Conan. He’s done.

And as his last order of business, he’s putting The Tonight Show up for sale on Craigslist.

We have some money saved. So we’re going to buy it.

Our guest every night will be Conan. And then we’ll have him interview other people, do some funny bits with Andy and Max and the studio audience.

Ultimately, we feel The Tonight Show will be a good place for us to stay while we have the missile silo renovated.

This is all very sad. I am sad. I hope you will join me in following Conan wherever he goes next. I don’t want to tell you not to watch Jay Leno’s show that will go on the air at 11:35, which he is reportedly going to call The Tonight Show.


I bet his first guest will be Jerry Seinfeld.

Double gross.

Whoa! That was offside! Too bad there are no refs in real life! Unlike on Jerry Seinfeld’s show, The Marriage Ref.

Triple gross.

OK. I’m going to go dream of this happening.


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