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Conan sells out

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In record time, too!

The Internet’s favourite beleaguered late-night host is coming to cities near us (and you!) and we could not be happier.

The Mean Girls have been following the post-feud news like crazy. We all follow Conan on twitter, we watched Andy Richter bitterly savage NBC and Leno on ABC’s Regis and Kelly, we watched the soft-focus Oprah interview with Jay (THE WORST!) and then ignored his terrible, terrible return to the Tonight Show, and now, we are all attending Conan’s North American “legally prohibited from being funny on television” concert tours.

Four for you, Coco!

Two of us will be in the Big Smoke when Conan comes North (thanks for not holding those Olympic closing ceremonies against us, Coco) and one of us will be looking on in Hotlanta (if Ticketmaster ever stops being a g-d b).

If I was a rich a-hole, I’d be all over these meet and creep tickets, but I can’t afford that shizz, so floor seats in the T-dot will have to do. I’m pumped!

You can try your luck at ticketmaster, but I went straight to the venue for tickets. For more info, visit

Bye everybody, bye!


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