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Ghost Whisperer single again

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Guys, our long national nightmare is over.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy have parted ways.

Incidentally, this breakup occurred riiiiiiiight before J.Lo.Hew’s dating advice book hits the shelves. How convenient!

Sorry, J.Lo.Hew, but you fall right after Jennifer Aniston and right before Anne Heche on the long list of celebrities I would never take dating advice from.

This book apparently also features a chapter from her now ex Kennedy, extolling the virtues of big behinds. Ooooh. Awkward!

Of course, we wish nothing but the best for our favourite Ghost Whisperer. Especially because damn girl! You dated Jamie Kennedy when your other co-star is way, way, WAY hotter. I mean… have you SEEN David Conrad? Don’t let the photoshop fool you. Jamie Kennedy does not look that good.

Oh, and by the way, I love this Ghost Whisperer cast photo so much. OF COURSE Jennifer Love Hewitt is lounging on a fainting couch. OF COURSE SHE IS! Helllloooooo!? What ELSE would a ghost whisperer sit on while wearing a long, flowing, strapless white gown that is totally appropriate for selling antiques and whispering ghosts?


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  1. Dee Candelaria

    Ghost Whisperer” is officially dead. Post canceled by CBS following a streak of mild rating, the show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt was said to be considered by ABC. However, the latest news revealed that even the Alphabet is not interested to keep the show in business.`

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