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Lost night tonight!

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OMG you guys! We are at the halfway mark for Lost! Yay! This means our long national nightmare of Lost being on the air is almost over! And even better news! It is a Richard centric episode! That’s so good, you guys! Because I was asking myself the other day: You know who I wish there were more Lost episodes about? Richard. Whoever that is.

Just kidding. I know who Richard is. He is the Goddamn Batmanuel:

But ask me if I care about him. That is a whole separate issue. The only way I WOULD care about Richard was if Nestor Carbonell wore his Batmanuel costume the whole time.

I mostly just wanted to post about what total and absolute bullshit it is that Television Without Pity (which is admittedly ALWAYS stupid now) thinks that Lost is the best show of the last decade. Wrong. You are wrong. There are so many ways in which you are wrong that you could not, in fact, be more wrong. It’s statistically impossible for you to be any more wrong. There are shows that are not even HALF as good as The Wire that are better than Lost. It is that bad. But that’s not really what I came here to say.

What I came here to say is this: I love how Lost’s fans are mostly giving up the ghost of expecting any of this show’s millions and millions of plotlines to be satisfactorily explained or solved or even explored at all. Except for the most rabid fans, of course. They are still foaming at the mouth and likely will for years after the fact. Hoping beyond hope that maybe, just maybe, if they write enough Sawyer fanfic that he will leap out of their words, into their lives and fall madly in love with them, favouring them with smouldering looks and a spunky nickname. He will not do that. So they can just die in a fire because seriously? This show has been flat-out awful for the last two seasons. I mentioned that I thought so in a different forum and my comment was downvoted because, um, I don’t know? People love Lost? For some reason? OK. That’s fine.

All the posts about almost every episode from this season that I’ve read have been all “Hopefully we’ll get some answers tonight.” Oh, fans. You will never get any answers! But it’s cute that you think you will!

I’m not saying that I’m going to be sitting here watching smugly for outraged fans to angrily declare their hatred for this show. It’s not like there’s anything better on Tuesday nights, really. No, I’ll be content to watch their slightly disappointed posts the day after the final episode airs.

The only way to enjoy this show anymore is to enjoy it through the bemused commentary of people who like the show but recognize that it is frustratingly, annoyingly bad while masquerading as a much, much better show.

So with that in mind, you should check out ScottC’s Lost Showdowns, Nedroid’s Lost Comics and Mean Girls favourite¬†Hark! A Vagrant! tackles the important issue of Sawyer’s son, Amelia Earhart. WHAT!? Oh, it makes about as much sense as anything on the actual show.


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