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Slash is Team Coco, Max Weinberg not so much

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You thought all this Conan O’Brien stuff was going to calm down, I bet. Well you were wrong.

Longtime Team Coco member Saul Hudson (AKA Slash) has always been happy to appear on Conan’s late night couch, stage and even took part in a sketch where he and Conan went guitar shopping on Craigslist.

Well, Slash’s loyalty was cemented last night when he performed on Jay Leno. Because he did so wearing a Team Coco pin.

Not like you’d see much of it. NBC went out of their way to edit around it. Gawker has a clip of the performance.

But rumours are spreading (and who are we to ignore rumours?) that Conan’s bandleader Max Weinberg (Also of E-Street Band fame) is ready to jump ship to be Jay Leno’s bandleader when Kevin Eubanks leaves. Say it with us: GROSS. Join us in hoping that this isn’t true.

Also, an article in the New York Times discusses Conan’s adaption to websites like Twitter. And asserts that he had help from his staff in joining the social media site. Which prompted the hash tag #helpingconan to start trending.

Oh, Coco. So much drama!


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