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“It Hurts Me Too,” True Blood: In Pictures

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Last night’s episode starts right where last week’s left off, with Sookie and that damn .38. So lie back and think of Estonia after the jump.

Sigh. So, Sookie has the .38 and she shot it because when is the last time Sookie slept? I don’t think she is operating on full mental power here–plus, as we’ve seen, she sometimes doesn’t think straight when she’s in a panic–because I can’t think of a better explanation for why she fired on her best lead as to Bill’s whereabouts. But she does, of course, which results in Eric having to take care of that.

The wolf turns back into a man when he realizes there’s fresh V to be had and then he and Eric roll around on the floor together while Eric pants, “Who is your master?” You know, guy stuff. Sookie finally decides to try some of that fancy mind-listening and hears the were think, “You got nothin’ on Jackson.” Out loud, he tells Eric that he can’t tell him or he’ll be as dead as everyone’s favorite Nordic deadass motherfucker. Unfortunately for our lupine friend, Eric sees his Operation Werwolf brand and grants his wish.

“I got your rug wet.”

After the credits, we’re in Jackson, where the King is still trying to cajole Bill into working for him. He brings up Sookie, but in a much more sympathetic context than vampires usually do, pointing out how unfair vampire-human relationships are to the latter.

Back in Bon Temps, Eric is burying our lupine friend and Sookie, still not thinking straight, wants to rush headlong into confrontin’ some weres. Eric again tells her that she’s in over her head: “You have no concept of how dangerous werewolves are. They’re virtually silent. They have no fear of death.” And as we saw last week, when they drink V, they hulk out. He does finally manage to finagle a promise from her that she’ll rest and think it over before going to Jackson.

Meanwhile, Tara and Franklin are having a sex scene that I don’t think I’m old enough to watch.

And Sam decides to keep his birth family at arm’s length for a while, but not before letting his little brother know that last week’s stunt with you know, luring Sam into traffic was not appreciated.

At Jason’s, the man himself is all hyped up about joining the law enforcement after his tackling that one guy last week at Hotshot. Hoyt has no lines in this scene, but his facial expressions say it all. Like this one, where Jason asks under whose patrol Hoyt would feel safer–Jason’s or Andy Bellefleur’s.

The afterglow wears off quickly for Tara, who doesn’t even want to tell Franklin her name.

Having lost her corpse, Jessica calls Pam, who’s packed a box lunch. Pam doesn’t think that the disappearance of the body of someone you accidentally killed is that big of a deal.

Sookie tells Sam she’ll be out of town for a few days, Hoyt asks Jason for advice on Jessica (Jason’s “advice”: If a girl doesn’t want to be with you, she can’t handle your heat), and Arlene has her pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound. Oh, but wait. Judging by the length of the fetus, the OB/GYN estimates that it’s around 9 weeks old, making it of course, Rene’s baby. Arlene is thrilled.

Because is Terry is “FRYING!” (the rock to Tara’s “I’M WIPING!” scissors), Tara answers the phone at Merlotte’s to hear that Eggs’s funeral is about to start. When she gets to the gravesite, she wonders who paid for the funeral since Eggs had no known relatives. Well, who does everything in this town?

Back in Jackson, Bill dreams about the time in 1868 when he went home to see his family.

Finding his son dead of smallpox, Bill’s secret is exposed when he cries bloody tears and his wife feels how cold he is. Then we have a blatant violation of vampire rules. That tedious bitch was not invited in!

In Bon Temps, Jason dreams about taking the civil service exam, which ends in nightmares about the test’s characters turning into hieroglyphics and his fellow test-takers with bulletholes in their foreheads. He is awakened by Lafayette, who makes this face in response to Jason’s having a lot on his mind. “That must feel new.”

Then in a drainage ditch, Hoyt discovers a body sans head. It looks to be the trucker missing from the Compton crawlspace.

Before leaving for Jackson, Sookie stops by home. As she’s cleaning her bloody rug with Resolve (when she should be using Folex), she hears someone’s thoughts, attached to a someone approaching from behind her. As she runs off screaming that she’ll kick his ass (ah, the rare run away and ass-kicking), he quickly catches up with her and catches her. And introduces himself. Class, Alcide. Alcide, class.

While Sam’s family is unexpectedly showing up at Merlotte’s, Sheriff Dearborne is quitting, too stressed out by the string of murders.

After having another flashback to the last time he saw his wife (the moral of the flashback is what the King said earlier: human + vampire= bad), Bill pledges his loyalty to His Highness.

While Jason’s telling Tara how nice it is to see her back at work, Eric’s giving Lafayette a sweet ride…

And Terry, having mistakenly thought that Arlene was dumping him, is overjoyed at the news of the baby. Or for Michael K, he’s over the moon. Arlene tries to tell him the truth but can’t, not when he’s telling her, “Thank you for making my life mean something!”

Up front at Merlotte’s, Sam is having to cut off his biodad, who’s not only drunk but also feeding shots to Sam’s underage brother. “If you throw a punch, you are so one of us,” says little bro.

Sam’s family leaves without incident, after which we drop in on Franklin, who’s dropping in on Jessica. He wants our little darling to tell him everything she knows about Bill.

Jason’s burning his deputy application and Sam’s responding to the alarm at Merlotte’s going off. In the back room, he finds a bird, who’s obviously a shifter and probably his brother.

Up in Jackson, to the strains of one of my all-time favorite songs–Howlin’ Wolf’s “Spoonful”–Alcide is telling Sookie that Pine’s is the oldest were bar in Mississippi. Apparently, it’s also quite cold.

I’m not exactly sure what Sookie thinks her game plan is here, but it appears to be throwing herself at the big bad wolves and getting taken into a back room by a stranger. Remember, Sook–they’re not howling because they’re chauvinists. Well, not just because they’re chauvinists.

“Great, I’d better get ready for a fight.”

In a backroom decorated with illuminated wolf photos (although this is a bar for all weres, in the land of weres one animal is king), Sookie quickly loses control of the situation and Alcide has to fight.

The trouble with tussling with a creature that fights in a pack is, you know, the rest of the pack. So when they join in, the bouncer has to break a bat on the ringleader. Again. (“My bat budget is through the roof!”)

While Alcide is finding out his ex Debbie is now engaged to Cooter, Tara is getting a visitor at the Stackhouse.

And Bill is essentially being raped by Lorena, whose neck he twists, until her head hangs backward and limp as he obeys his maker’s will to “make love to [her]” by rote. Charming!


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