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“I Got A Right To Sing The Blues,” True Blood: A Few Pictures, More Words.

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To be honest, this episode wasn’t that eventful. So I’m not going to do a recap as in-depth as I usually do. An abbreviated recap after the jump.

All the king’s whores and all the king’s men return to the royal manse, Sookie and Bill in tow.

The King barely has time to reveal that Bill’s been “hiding something very interesting from us all” before Bill stakes one of the King’s goons. Talbot’s only screaming because Bill ripped out a baluster to do it.

Bill also tries to take out the King himself, but that doesn’t go as well. He wants Eric to get Sookie out of there. Instead, he brings her to the King, telling him that he doesn’t know what Sookie is, but he knows that she’s valuable.

Post-credits, the King tells some goons to take Bill to the slaves’ quarters, where Lorena will kill him. When both she and Sookie object, the King has himself a royal tantrum. Below: AAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Sookie thinks that Eric’s acting for the King’s benefit and he likely is, but it’s unclear whether Eric thinks he can pull off a scheme (unlikely) or if he’s acquiescing because he has no choice. But if he did have a choice, he would choose for Sookie to shut up. “Eric, please, I am begging you–”

Back at Merlotte’s, Arlene cuts her finger slicing lemons for a fussy customer. Jessica can’t help her first reaction, which doesn’t exactly win her any points with Arlene.

And speaking of awarding points, the show gets some for having Arlene exclaim “Dagnabbit!” when she cuts her finger and loses some for having her say “iced tea.” Nope. No. Moving on, Jason and Crystal’s rolling around in the woods has gotten weird, but thankfully Jason is too dumb to realize it. Some la la la music plays and then Crystal sniffs the air and tells Jason that it won’t work out and then she runs off. If you’ve ever got to ditch a date, try this.

Or try this: Let’s just sum it up. Tara waited until Franklin fell asleep, then bashed in his skull and freed Sookie. As Tara was looking for a vehicle on the grounds, she met Alcide in wolf and human forms. Sookie found Bill in the slaves’ quarters, where Cooter and Debbie had almost drained him…AFTER he’d been tortured by Lorena. The episode ended with her promising she was going to get him out and all that good stuff and then Lorena popping up to be tedious in the last second.

Back in Bon Temps: The shady stuff Joe Lee had Tommy involved in was dogfighting. Jesus split after he found out Lafayette is a drug dealer, which is just irritating because dude, you waited for 9 hours for him and you saw him freak out when he thought people had been talking about him–what did you think he was involved in? Jason went to see Crystal in Hotshot and found her at home with her fiance. Crystal feigned not knowing Jason. Jason had another weird run-in with that high school football player. This episode could have used more Terry.


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  1. You skipped the whole QSA scene.. Ok this was your worst yet sorry just being honest..

    • Yes, I realized after posting this that I’d left her out entirely. It was not a preplanned decision to cut the recap short and not one I intend to make habit. Everything will be back to normal for next week’s episode. I apologize for disappointing you.


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