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That’ll do, McG. That’ll do.

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Let’s just face facts, guys. NBC is desperate.

Steve Carrell is leaving The Office, Alec Baldwin has announced he’ll be leaving 30 Rock when his contract’s up in 2012 and they spent a lot of money fucking around with their late-night format, the end result being that Conan left, taking the coveted 18-35-year-old demographic with him and leaving Jay Leno to snooze his way through some terrible interviews. Perhaps while tinkering with expensive antique cars.  

So what’s a last-place network to do? Greenlight a zombie/vampire police procedural, of course. Sometimes, it feels like there aren’t enough green lights in the world, you know? Because this is from McG’s production company, Wonderland. That guy. I missed him.  

This makes me think that Babylon Fields, the zombie show Amber Tamblyn was once attached to star in over at CBS (they neglected to pick it up way back in 2007) was merely ahead of its time.  

But this isn’t about CBS not forseeing the vampire/zombie crazy of the late 2000s. This is about how on the ball NBC is. You guys are so smart it’s scary. (But not as scary as zombies! Zing!) Seriously. I often sit back and just marvel at how incredibly well you know the viewing public, who are certainly not experiencing a zombie/vampire tummy ache from consuming too much zombie and vampire-related media.

I humbly await the Team Zombie/Team Vampire t-shirt craze that will surely develop when this thing hits the streets.


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