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Glee: We’re gonna do it before we duet.

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The writing seemed back on, there was little-to-no Schue and the song choices and performances were stellar and didn’t drive the plot. The latest episode of Glee is a great example of how good this show can be when it tries.

Also, perhaps you didn’t catch it, but Eric Stoltz directed this episode. Eric “Coulda Been Marty McFly” Stoltz. Maybe we could get him to direct ALL the episodes?

Highlights? The duets were brilliant. Who would you vote for if dinner for two to breadstix was on the line and you were impartial judges and not teenagers who would obviously vote for themselves (duh, Schue)?

Would it be….

Fierce bitches Mercedes and Santana, who grooved to an energetic version of Tina Turner’s River Deep, Mountain High?

Perhaps Kurt Elizabeth Hummel and Kurt Elizabeth Hummel in the extremely well-staged Victor/Victoria “duet” Le Jazz Hot?

Maybe you’d rather vote for adorable (even when they’re squabbling about chicken feet) Tina and Mike, who seriously impressed with a hard-to-sing-poorly-on-purpose comedic performance of Sing! from A Chorus Line?

Or Sam and Quinn, who were cute, but had arguably the worst song of the night in Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat?

Yes, I am saying that they were the worst, even with Finn and Rachel throwing the competition by singing With You I’m Born Again by by Syreeta Wright and Billy Preston.

One thing I seriously did not expect was the rage and pathos I got from this storyline:

First of all: Santana mentions scissoring, which… wow. Way to slip one by the censors, Glee!

Second of all: I thought Brittany’s attempts to get back at Santana were really sort of… sweet. In a backwards way. That is mostly due to Heather Morris’ developing comedic chops and the look she tossed at Artie after he blamed her for ruining his first time (!?! It takes two people to have sex, dude. Sorry you didn’t think about that before you became part of Brittany’s quest to make out with every guy in the school).

Third of all: Tina, there are not a lot of dudes I would eat chicken feet for, but Mike Chang is totally one of them. (And my dad eats chicken feet, so I know of what I speak.) And Mike thinking the only thing he’s good for is dancing, so Tina should just sing and he’ll dance around her and it’ll be fine? Dawwww!

Stay tuned for the full recap.


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