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The X Factor: Justin Bieber, Man of Mayhem?

Justin Bieber appeared on the most recent episode of The X Factor sporting a biker cut.

It probably wouldn’t have been that odd except for that one patch reading “Man of Mayhem.” Nevermind that young Bieber is still a minor–hey, Bieberstylist, you know that words have meaning, right? Because on Sons of Anarchy, that patch is reserved for people who have…let’s just say, done something serious for the MC.

Maybe that’s not the image you want for your cultural phenomenon. But maybe it is. And if so, far be it from me to fence y’all in. Oh well, whatever–nevermind.

[And while we’re on the subject of SAMCRO, y’all should be watching it, because it’s a really great show.]


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  1. Im sure he really has no idea what he is wearing, just thinks it looks cool. He might need edumacated.


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