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We now return from our regularly scheduled loafing.

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Hi! Hi! Sorry! Hi!

We’ve been rilly, rilly busy with work and life things. But not so busy that we couldn’t watch two entire cable series without posting anything at all about them!

We watched Game of Thrones and The Killing in their entirety. Guess who we think SHOULD have lost their head! Find out, after the jump!

Well, let’s face it, Ned Stark was really dumb. I mean, like, he was really stupid about things like honour and telling his enemies his next move and trusting Littlefinger and things. As evidenced by many a tumblr meme. So really, his death was probably for the best. Not enough shows kill off their annoying lead characters in the first season.

Speaking of which… Detective Sarah Linden was pretty terrible, too. It was a photo finish race to the end, but she won it by a nose with the following brilliant line reading:

Gwen: He was wet. Soaking wet.

Detective Sarah Linden: What do you mean?

Gwen: Like he’d been in water.

Oh, thaaaaaaaat wet! I didn’t know what wet meant. Good question, detective. GOOD question? I’m sorry. I meant PERFECT question.

But the stupidity of The Killing has been well documented elsewhere like the avclub and videogum.

What has not been as well documented is the way AMC is using The Killing to market themselves as some sort of tastemaker for television. Because you know, they have all these great shows. Sure. Like Mad Men. And Breaking Bad. And… The Walking Dead? And The Killing?

I might be the only person in my real life TV-watching circle of friends (except Jess and Salome, who are my spirit animals now and always) who doesn’t like the Walking Dead. I am NOT the only person in any circle who doesn’t like The Killing. That’s something you unite with. If somebody liked that show and I was dating them, that would be a dealbreaker. I don’t think you can even say that either of those shows are good, let alone that they are so amazeballs that we should bow down to AMC for having the foresight to pick them up. Meanwhile, Salome would like me to remind you that Rubicon was cancelled. I don’t care because I never watched that show, but I know the righteous sting of having your favourite new show be cancelled before its time. *Sniff* Terriers, we never knew ye.

Maybe it’s because Game of Thrones was so good. Maybe it’s because I am STILL bitter about the cancellation of Terriers, a legitimately amazeballs show on FX. Either way, I can safely say I will not be watching The Killing any more. I have enough crappy shows that I watch for fun.

Speaking of that… tomorrow is the premier of Season 4 of True Blood.

I’ll be staying with that because Alexander Skarsgard takes off most of his clothes. Salome will be staying with that because she is a glutton for punishment. Stay tuned for our recaps!


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