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“Cold Grey Light of Dawn,” True Blood: In Pictures

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Last night, everyone had some burning, yearning feelings inside them. So let’s go make up some fire puns after the jump.

Katie is summoned to Marnie’s cell, where Sheriff Patino has Marnie up against the wall. Of course, it’s all a ruse to let Marnie escape. Patino glamours Katie into sending the guards away from one gate and then Marnie–Antonia, really–has him kill her, “sin sangre.”

Then Marnie tells him to tell Bill that her name is Inigo Montoya and long story short, prepare to die. Credits. Speaking of dying, Pam is trying to kill Tara and Naomi. It looks like Pam is going to do just that, when they are interrupted by a sudden crowd of yokels all trying to get footage for TMZ.

Lafayette and Jesus just want to go home. I’m not sure why they can’t, but they can’t. So they interrupt Jesus’s abuelo, who is fucking his wife. Jesus has already concluded that Lafayette is a medium. I have already concluded that Jesus’s abuelo is a dick.

Back in the Louisiana woods, the Shreveport pack is initiating Debbie and Alcide with a field-dressed deer’s blood and some howling. Alcide is as enthusiastic as he looks.

As the rest of the pack parties, Debbie sees Alcide sitting by himself, just minutes away from emo basketball shorts. He’s worried about Sookie being all by herself, but is willing to go celebrate with Debbie and their new pack. Debbie stops him, telling him they can spare a few minutes to check on Sookie.

So off they go, traipsing through the woods toward some humping sounds, where they find Sookie and Eric, who are still doing it on the unblessed ground.

At the king’s, Patino comes into Bill’s office to deliver that message from Antonia. He tries to kill Bill but is not as successful as the Bride. Before he commits suicide by vampire king, he does let on what Antonia’s plan for the vamps is. Sooooo derivative of her early work.

Feelings. Feelings about vampires. Tara makes Naomi go back to New Orleans.

Jason is trying to exercise out his Jessica fantasies. It doesn’t help that he’s interrupted by Hoyt, who’s all alone because Vampire Bill has called Jessica over for some mysterious vampire business.

Of course, that business is the Antonia situation, which Bill explains to my princess by telling her about the Spanish massacre.

After explaining it all to Jessica, he tells his remaining sheriffs to instruct vampires to evacuate. The sheriffs, and Bill himself, will remain behind, bound in their coffins with silver. They are not exactly thrilled about willfully making themselves vulnerable.

Meanwhile across the way, we’re just fucking. All the ways. On the upside, the basketball shorts were left in the woods. Whoops!

Yaaaay, Dr. Ludwig is back! She’s giving Pam shots. They won’t do anything about the rotting inside Pam, but they will make her stop looking like a literal garbage monster. However, they do require six daily shots forever.

Meanwhile, at the human hospital, another doctor thinks that Tommy had food poisoning. After feeling Sam’s head to check their story about high temps running in the family, the doctor agrees to discharge Tommy.

Bill arrives at the post-Fuck Fest 2011 Stackhouse. He’s all, Did you have a happy reunion? and Eric is all, With our genitals! After that awkwardness is out of the way, he explains how Eric should brace for resurrection. Eric won’t leave, so silver it is!

Tara, haven’t you seen Fellowship of the Ring? Stay off the road! But no, don’t go in the woods! Turns out, it’s just Antonia. Tara is not buying this possession thing at first, but Antonia allows her to feel her memories. The Spanish massacre is quickly becoming my Maryann. Anyway, Antonia gets Tara to join her in the fight against vamps.

Back on the vamp side, they’re all going to bed in silver. I can’t stand to see my princess in pain. Can’t they wear socks or more clothes or something so it doesn’t burn so badly?

Poor Pam gets her injections and is then covered in silver mesh by Ginger.

Sookie silvers Eric.

Sam calls Luna. She’s like, Fuck yoooooou.

At Merlotte’s, Tara gets Holly to join Antonia’s circle after getting the others to join.

My princess and Bill have a long talk about many things, including her waning feelings for Hoyt. Jessica also wants to kill Marnie. Bill tells her, “Answering killing with killing is what led us to this.” And that’s the way it is, all over the world.

Sam goes to see Luna. She’s still pissed off, no duh. He is confused as to why she’s so pissed off and he definitely does not remember their banging. Until he puts it together…

Andy and Holly have their date, who cares. More importantly, Lafayette sees Demon Baby’s friend.

Alcide and Debbie are doing it, then just Debbie is doing it, if by doing it, you mean “sobbing.” She’s afraid that Alcide has feelings for Sookie, what with how he looked fit to be tying the drawstring on his own emo basketball shorts when he saw her and Eric. They work it out, though. They are doing so well at relationships!

Marnie’s got her circle together so they start with the chantin’. At Sam’s, Tommy wakes up to find Sam sitting there. He tries to play dumb about the skinwalking, but it works out about as well as every other time Tommy has tried to play dumb. Sam strangles him, but he can’t kill him. Instead, he tells the bad doggy to leave forever.

Chantin’ and a-levitatin’.

Jason, in uniform, comes by Sookie’s. She’s like, kinda busy right now, and explains the whole resurrection thing to him. As they’re talking, the wind picks up.

The vamps are all compelled to reach the sun. Sookie won’t let Eric up and Bill’s bonds are strong. At Fangtasia, Ginger flings herself on top of Pam’s coffin to keep her in. My princess, however, easily slips her silver and makes her way past the guards to the front door, as Jason runs to Bill’s.

As Jason is tackled by a guard, Jessica makes it to the front door. And this is the last image we see before it all goes white.

Alan Ball, I will send you to the true death if you kill off my princess.

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  1. This season of True Blood brought to you by Plants Vs. Zombies.


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