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Who are you?
We are three women who love to write and watch bad TV shows. We also love to watch good TV shows. And we aren’t afraid to tell you what’s what. We are mean girls and the idiot box spews forth so much garbage that we can’t help but point it out. We are particularly adept at pointing out shitty shows on networks’ fall schedules, but also enjoy the occasional popular, soapy diversion.

Where are the boobs? I came here via a google search looking for boobs!
Well mosey right along then, podnah.  There’s plenty o’ bare boobs on the Intertubes, but you won’t find them here. But the name, it’s a play on words. You know. Like they do. We’re women. We have boobs. We watch the boob tube. Get it? Dumbass?

Jesus. So you’re a bunch of feminists!
You’d better believe it, friendo. We also post about the way women are portrayed on the small screen and our favourite female characters and actresses. It’s a man’s man’s man’s man’s world. We here at the Boob Tube do our best to make living in it a little better for the fairer sex.

So I still don’t get it! What’s this blog about?
Jeez. You’re slow. We are about putting bad TV in its place. All about it, actually. We love bad TV. We laugh to ourselves, to our roommates, to our significant others, to our families and to our pets while watching David Caruso and Matthew Fox and Jennifer Love Hewitt “act.” We did it so many times they started to get mad. But we can’t help it. We feel it’s our duty to dissect these shows because they suck, you see. So, Lost fans, if you are looking for a “fair and balanced” or “objective” criticism of your favourite show, look elsewhere. Because Lost sucks.

Harumph! Who are you to say these shows are bad?
Who are we? Who are WE? Well, we watch them every week! We’re viewers, that’s who we are! These shows either started out bad and got steadily worse, or were once good, but have now devolved to the point of horrawfulness that must be documented.

Well why do you watch them if they’re so bad? Do you get paid for this?
We do it because it’s fun! And misery loves company! We thought we’d spread the hatred around. We’re paid every time David Caruso puts his hands on his hips and his sunglasses on his lizard face. We cash a laughter cheque every time that trombone blares on Lost. And when Jennifer Love Hewitt squeezes a big, fat, crocodile tear past her no doubt waterproof mascara, it’s pretend money in the imaginary bank.

I think David Caruso is a great actor! Ghost Whisperer is an amazing show! Lost is one of the finest television series the world has ever known! You’re just bitches!
Hilarious bitches.

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