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Justifiably delicious

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Damn. This show.

Every week, I watch it and I’m like “Wow. Yup.” Then I go to work and argue with co-workers about which show is better: Justified or the Walking Dead. I almost always close my arguments with the sound, sage wisdom of “It’s just so fucking good and you need to watch it, blokay?”

How’s that for expository and persuasive?

But on the real, The Walking Dead is about to start back up again and I can’t even remember where we were except that I do recall a little girl zombie got shot in her zombie brain and that was good, if more than a little predictable. Actually, at one point after Sophia went missing, I was like “Really? You’re STILL looking for Sophia?” and Jess and I both agreed that if there was any outcome other than “Sophie is a zombie and they have to kill her” we’d quit the show. So it looks like we continue to watch The Walking Dead because they called my bluff.

But you guys. It is soooooooooo slow. Nothing happens except stupid shit. Shane cuts his hair. Carl pets a deer. Pruitt Taylor Vince gets shot.

Hmmm. That last part seems familiar.

Oh! It’s cuz Glen Fogle from last week’s Justified was played by Pruitt Taylor “LaRouche” Vince. He gets shot and dies in Justified, too, except this time, it was fascinating. Even though there are no zombies. There ARE oxy addicts, though, so close!

He did NOT get shot on The Mentalist, but the crossover of casting on all these shows is really making me wonder how close together the shooting sets are in the Hollywood lot system. If only Raylan Givens would show up on the Walking Dead. He could just kill everybody except Darryl and they’d have themselves a badass-off. Raylan would clearly win, but still.

Yes. I really like Justified, a-no-duh! Last week’s episode, Harlan Roulette, in particular, was really a fantastic hour of television. So much happened! This show is just clicking right along!

There’s a scene at the end with cold, creepy pill mill partners Robert Quarles (Neal “Tin Man” McDonough), Wynn Duffy (Jere “No, lift the eyebrows up! I want to look perpetually surprised!” Burns) and our hero Raylan Givens (Timothy “My lower abdominal muscles haunt Tanis’ dreams” Olyphant) that is just, ugh, so good it’s gross. It’s fraught with tension and barely disguised malice and fear and curiosity and they pulled it off so perfectly you almost want to puke.

What happens is, Raylan knocks politely on the trailer door where Quarles, Duffy and a stooge are meeting. He quickly dispatches the bodyguard, lets himself into the trailer, punches Duffy in the face and  then steps on his neck. After explaining that he doesn’t give a shit about all the bodies stacking up around here because he knows Duffy has had something to do with them all, he says “Look here,” then drops a bullet on Duffy’s chest. “Next one’s comin’ faster.” He is, of course, immediately confronted with Quarles, who asks Raylan with chilling politeness how fast he thinks the bullets will be when they’re heading back at him. Raylan’s response is grimace at him as he silently takes out his cell phone and snaps a photo of Quarles, who creepily smiles for it.

I haven’t even gotten to the great scene where Vince’s character, Fogle, is shot by his flunky (Jamie “May The Killing be forever on hiatus” Wright) while they both try to ambush Raylan. But not before Raylan gets to charm me with his “Me and dead owls don’t give a hoot.” line. OH, SHOW! Let us not forget an earlier great scene between Raylan and his ol’ buddy Wade Messer (James “Dude, that is a brilliant disguise and you are a much better actor than I ever gave you credit for” LeGros) when the Marshall tells Messer about respect and not goin’ in to a person’s home without their permission. He then casually opines that “We all have our lines we gotta cross” when he reveals he has done just that to obtain Messer’s firearm. This is almost as good as the scene before THAT when Fogle makes his fuckup flunky play Harlan Roulette, a version of Russian Roulette where the house ALWAYS wins. If the house is a bullet in your brain.

Things I don’t even have time to discuss, but which I wish to draw to your attention:

– The scene between Dickie and the prison guard, Ash Murphy (played by Todd “I was on the Mentalist, too!) Stashwick. I really like Jeremy Davies. I thought his talents were wasted on Lost and it’s so sweet to see him just disappear into Dickie Bennett, a role that is simultaneously playful and pitiful. I can’t help it. I like the way the man wears his prison jump suit.

– So tell me about your fast sliding gun arm, Quarles. “Funny you should ask. I was out Christmas tree shopping…” I’m sure that, had he not been interrupted by Raylan, Quarles would have given a totally logical, reasonable, not at all creepy explanation for how he got his menacing quick-draw device that helps him murder people with expediency and a minimum amount of fuss and muss. That involves Christmas tree shopping.

– The scene between Limehouse (Mkelti “Bubba” Williamson) and Boyd is also exceptional, as is Boyd’s thumping of Devil, who is so stupid that he thinks $5,000 is a fantastic sum of money, even as Boyd is angling to take over organized crime in Harlan. Wonder if he’ll run up against any outside influences like the Dixie Mafia or the Detroit Mafia or the Limehouse Mafia.

– The scene where Boyd and co. take back the bar is pretty OK, even if it does get a bit ridick. I’m excited that Johnny’s back, though. I love him!

– The scene between Devil and Boyd once they have the bar back is very interesting. Well played by both actors. The title of the next episode The Devil You Know does not bode well for anybody by the name of Devil, methinks.

– Maybe, if I’m lucky, this week’s episode will have more Tim “Babyface” Gutterson. Because I like his swagger and the last episode had almost everything… except some sass from the office.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything at length about TV, so I apologize for the scattershot point form near the end. You know why, though? It’s because Every Day We Tumbln’. Join us, won’t you?

Good news for a change

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It’s fall (sorry summer lovers, but Sept. 1 sorta tears it. Not summer anymore) and that’s the time we usually do our big “What are the networks THINKING!?” posts. Astute readers will recall that last year, we didn’t do this because Jess and I were in Europe. And that is a shame, because there were many terrible shows that came and went that we didn’t even get a chance to make fun of properly.

This year, we are totally going to do it. You just have to be a little patient!

To tide you over, how about some good news for new shows that we are anticipating?

First of all, Conan O’Brien has named his new show that will air on TBS starting on Nov. 8. Of this year.

You heard it here… well, second or third probably. Whatever. CONAW!

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that THIS is the show I’m most excited for this fall. I really hope this works out for everyone involved. Conan is the best and he deserves a little good TV Karma after the cluster fuck that was this year.

Second, The Walking Dead is coming to AMC. It’s coming to get us, Barbara!

AMC has a pretty fantastic track record (Witness how Mad Men and Breaking Bad won ALLL the Emmys Sunday) as taste makers, so I’m pretty darn excited for this show, that is based on a graphic novel of the same name. Emphasis on the graphic. AMC seems confident about it. So much so that they’ve decided to pick up the series for a second season before airing a single episode. It premieres on AMC Oct. 31. Savvy. Halloween is an opportune time to air a show about a zombie outbreak.

Yeehaw! That is good news all around!

Let’s go have some coffee and tackle our day that starts at noon because we stay up late! (That’s just me? OK. I’ll go do that. You guys have a good day!)

Mad Hate: TV News.

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Why thank you, 10 Things I Hate About You:

Mad Men is returning for its third season next month–August 16, to be exact. Have you Mad Men-ed yourself yet? We have.

Me [Salomé]:


And speaking of Mad Men, they’re running a contest to win a walk-on role. We don’t want to tell you whom to vote for, but we are and you should vote for Porter Hovey.

TV News Unfrozen From Carbonite

I am sleepy and things are busy in Duckberg (hence my infrequent updates as of late), so here is a roundup of stories. Also be sure to check our Digg page for more links we find interesting.

British reality TV star is dying in the spotlight: Jade Goody, a young British woman who won fame on a reality television show, is playing out her final days in the glare of a celebrity-obsessed nation before she dies of cancer.

Showalter and Black team for new series: Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are working on a new show for Comedy Central that will premiere in July.

“Breaking Bad” hits the Web in mini episodes: They began Tuesday on AMC’s site and

NBC’s “War Criminal” series catching flak: It’s like To Catch a Predator, only with genocidal weewoos! For more on the Bill Conradt story mentioned in the link, here is Esquire’s feature.

And also from Esquire, Because They Hate Shepard Smith and Want Him to Fail, more “Hey, have you noticed Shep Smith is…you know, different?”

Pushing Obama And Other TV News.

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  • NBC, CBS, and Fox will be airing a special produced by the Obama campaign while ABC will air a new episode of Pushing Daisies. The campaign declined to purchase airtime on the alphabet network and although it is unknown why, sources* say it’s so we’ll have something to watch other than a half hour commercial for the candidate I’m already voting for.

  • A&E has picked up a second season of the Benjamin Bratt-starring The Cleaner. Asked for comment, a writer at TV blog/house of ill repute Boob Tube said, “That’s a thing?” before readjusting the flask she keeps in her garter. The series, which debuted in July, focuses on Bratt’s character, an “extreme interventionist.”

  • Mad Men, the competitive dance program, ended its second season on a record high, scoring an 89% increase over the first season’s finale. The finale aired three times on Sunday night, attracting 2.9 million viewers. Let’s get me out of this skirt.

  • Fox Searchlight will reunite Milk director Gus Van Sant and writer Dustin Lance Black for an adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. No, this is not TV news but as I am fond of that book and more importantly, the people in it, I would like to use my wee platform to lobby for the part of Gretchen Fetchin. Or maybe that lovely young lady, Bobby Weir. Can I just have hair as nice as hers?

  • Starz, deciding that one movie-to-TV adaptation wasn’t enough, is producing a series based on Spartacus.

    “This is not going to be at all like the 1960s Kirk Douglas film,” said Stephan Shelanski, Starz Entertainment executive vp programing. “We didn’t want your typical sword-and-sandals. It’s going to be fun, fast-moving, full of action and interesting characters and have a little more depth to it than the 1960s film.”

    *teenage-girl-style sigh*

  • Not doing so well is The Ex-List, which CBS has disappeared from its schedule this week. It joins Do Not Disturb and Opportunity Knocks on the list of missing and presumed dead shows. Wait–did Opportunity Knocks ever air? It did. Oh, okay. I guess we were too busy watching True Blood and basing our fall wardrobes on Joan Holloway’s. Our bad!

  • And on a more somber note, we’d like to extend our deepest sympathies to Jennifer Hudson and her family for the unimaginable tragedies they’ve experienced this week. They are in our thoughts.

*source: the whimsy of my own heart