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NBC Finally Puts Pillow Over Heroes’ Face

Well it’s over. Like everyone else, I enjoyed Heroes’ first season and was willing to overlook the problems with the second due to the writers’ strike. But the show had two more seasons to get all flop sweaty, kill everyone, resurrect them, give every single person powers, take them away, make evil people good, brain tumors, and something something an evil carnival. The kind of desperate tricks that comic book franchises usually take decades to get around to. I don’t know how it happened but somehow the show that said it would not copy Lost’s mistakes ended up digging through Lost’s trash for discarded ideas. But why be so negative? Heroes had some really hot guys doing stuff and that’s how I would like to remember it.

Rest in peace, terrible hot guy show. Rest in peace.

For fan(s) who are concerned that the story will never be wrapped up, rest assured it was all Hurley’s dream.



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J.J. Abrams was on The Colbert Report last night. Is it wrong that I really wanted Stephen to find some way to force him to give away the ending to Lost so I don’t have to hear about how good it’s getting again?

WRONG AGAIN, Entertainment Weekly. WRONG AGAIN. Lost is NOT getting good again. It, in fact, continues to be horrible in every way shape and form. I promised myself I wouldn’t go off on a rant here, but… Jack now believes that if only they hadn’t crashed, everything would be great. Derp. Good thing they find a magical journal that tells them how to avoid said crash! Oh, deus ex journal! I love you so! P.S. This whole conundrum over Jack/Kate, Kate/Sawyer, Sawyer/Juliet, Juliet/Jack? I’m pretty sure it’s the cause of swine flue. Or whatever pandemic will ravage the world in the future. Frog Fever, let’s say.

Below, I’ve gone through a few shows that I’m watching or not watching, as the case may be, and reasoned through why. If you don’t click, you’ll be missing my pointed commentary on many things, a Venn diagram equation, my moment of mustache weakness and a bunch of shows you were probably unaware even still existed. *cough*The Unit*cough*

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Heroes, Season Premiere: Words Matter.

I am in the middle of watching Heroes right now. Hiro and Ando were having a conversation that was subtitled.

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Television Without Pity earns a little of our respect back

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A reason to read TWoP again? Did it suddenly stop sucking now that a network owns the place that snarks on the networks? Well, kinda. In a sense.

As any ratfink will tell you, being so cosy with the teacher has its perks. Like, you can ask a really cool character actor to write a blog for you and they’ll do it. Or, your TV bosses can order you to ask a really cool character actor to write a blog for you and then he has to say yes because they’ve ordered him to do it.

However Jack Coleman’s The HRG Files blog got started on television without pity, we are indebted.

He’s a good writer. He brings with him insight and humour and a sense of self-awareness that is refreshing. And I’d totally bone him. He is most definitely a DILF.

Among other things, he claims the horn rimmed glasses he must wear for the role of Claire’s father on Heroes make him look like “a shop teacher from the ’60s who never had time for a wife,” writes show business as “show bidness,” and talks about a movie he wrote and cast himself in, even though “I wasn’t my first choice for the role.”

I think I love you, Jack Coleman.

Lost can drive a person to drink…. and drive.

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So Daniel Dae Kim has been arrested on a DUI.

You know what this means. He’ll be shot and killed in an upcoming episode. 

Maybe THAT’S the secret of the island! Everybody drinks! I would too, if I had to sit around and watch the unending misery of Jack and Kate (or is it Sawyer?) 4 Eva. Flashbacks, flashforwards, character deaths, whatever. It’s not helping. The show is fucked and pretty soon, every cast member will be drowning their sorrows in Mai Tais and then clambouring into their cars to drive home while driving erratically, because that seems to be the only escape from this hellacious island, its multiple hatches and endless supply of characters.

I know Heroes is taking awhile to get going, but it did last year too. I didn’t start paying attention until the Invisible Man showed up. (I miss you, Claude!) So I’m sticking with it because it remains beautifully shot and features lots of hot guys (even if some of them are incredibly stupid. MOHINDER.)

Also, I have TWO Ghost Whisperer recaps to get up, one which was incredibly boring and didn’t feature one single nightgown and another which featured Dash Mihok, formerly of Cavemen. Pop quiz. Which is worse: “Starring” on Cavemen, or being a one-shot detective character on Ghost Whisperer? It’s like a Zen Koan!

P.S. Penthius is still not a real search engine, people!

Keepon just keeps keepin’ on and so does Veronica Mars.

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I am a cold hard bitch when it comes to most things. You develop a shell at work in order to do your job. Am I cynical because I’m a journalist, or do cynical people gravitate toward journalism? A Rob Gordon question for the ages. But I’m not completely heartless. There are things at which I will coo and giggle. In terms of cuteness, I’m easily swayed by baby animals, pugs and spongy, peeps-yellow robots that dance.

Specifically, when they dance to Spoon.

That’s Keepon and one of his creators, Hideki Kozima, boppin’ in a viral video for Spoon’s Don’t You Evah. I’m hard pressed to explain what it is about this little robot that is so appealing, but once you start watching him groove, it’s hard to stop. Really. Here’s an earlier collaboration between Keepon and Spoon:

See? You can’t not watch! And the tunes are slick too. Who could blame Keepon for up-jumping the boogie to I Turn My Camera On? Jess_D_Ripper and I are going to see Spoon kick it live at the Phoenix Ballroom in the T dot. I’m practically peeing my pants in anticipation of that show, but I’d be even more excited if they were accompanied by a dancing robot. If you live in L.A., that might be a possibility. If you’re a fan of all things AWESOME (and I know you are because you’re reading this site) then you might wanna boot it down to Wired magazine’s Nextfest where Keepon and Spoon will kick off the whole shebang September 10 at the Henry Fonda Theater.

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