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NBC Finally Puts Pillow Over Heroes’ Face

Well it’s over. Like everyone else, I enjoyed Heroes’ first¬†season and was willing to overlook the problems with the second due to the writers’ strike. But the show had two more seasons to get all flop sweaty, kill everyone, resurrect them, give every single person powers, take them away, make evil people good, brain tumors,¬†and something something an evil carnival. The kind of desperate tricks that comic book franchises usually take decades to get around to. I don’t know how it happened but somehow the show that said it would not copy Lost’s mistakes ended up digging through Lost’s trash for discarded ideas. But why be so negative? Heroes had some really hot guys doing stuff and that’s how I would like to remember it.

Rest in peace, terrible hot guy show. Rest in peace.

For fan(s) who are concerned that the story will never be wrapped up, rest assured it was all Hurley’s dream.


That’s enough, CSI

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I missed out on some TV because I was away for a month, but now that I’m back and caught up, WTF, CSI?

Golf? Rascal Flatts? Did this show suddenly start airing on CMT?

At least they almost electrocuted one! I like that plot!

But seriously, CSI. Cool it with the country music guest stars. I can only take so much and you are very lucky that you still employ hot guys.

We reach a logical conclusion: We’d fuck those Starfleet cadets

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Never before have two mean girls been faced with such a stunning array of options for moviegoing entertainment. Jess and Tanis made the pilgrimage to the movie theatre in the middle of nowhere and were faced with a tough decision: Do they see a movie with hot dudes a plenty (in space), the Goddamn Batman yelling and saving mankind from killing robots (again), or Robert “Get me to a library!” Langdon with a side of Ewan “Father Hotpants” McGregor.

It was a tough call, but hot dudes doin’ stuff won out. Again. This time, they’re in space! And Iowa. Please, read on for a brief discussion of the movie and other things like our assessment of people who think Angels & Demons is good.

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