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Trailer? I hardly know her!

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When the Mean Girls go to a slam-bang action adventure movie for the hot dudes, they are also hoping to see a bunch of trailers for movies they will like. Instead, they are presented with a bunch of crap that rapes their childhood.

Jess and I like getting to the theatre in time to see the previews. It irks me, though, that I have to sit through 80 commercials first. Like, I already have a coke, coke ad. I don’t see your ad and think “Gee, I should get up and go get a coke.” I bought a coke. At the convenience store across the street. Because the movie theatre charges me $8 for a vat of soda. Why? Who knows. It is presumably the same soda that McDonald’s is now charging just a dollar for. So I don’t really know. Maybe this combination of syrup and carbonation has some gold leaf in it? Whatever. Stop trying to sell me shit, movie theatres. I can’t afford shit because I am at your movie. It bankrupts me. I also don’t want to buy a new phone or a new car or join the Canadian Armed Forces. Trust me, if I ever get that urge, I’ll wait a minute until it passes. But I probably won’t, especially not just because I saw an ad for it at the cineplex before Star Trek. Maybe if Captain Christopher Pike showed up and bought me a drink and DARED ME TO DO BETTER, maybe then I’d enlist. But not because of your ad. So just show me the previews for movies that I won’t see and GET ON WITH IT.

Speaking of getting on with it… The trailers we saw, let us show you them.

G.I. Joe

What? How is this even a thing? Who is even in this movie? Oh. Dennis Quaid? And Christopher Eccleston? And Joseph Gordon-Levitt? WHAT!? WHY?! We didn’t even know what movie this trailer was for until half-way through it. Apparently, G.I.’s are really, really Joe. At least without their super suits they are. What are G.I. Joe’s good for other than making out with Jem? Nothing. Memo to studio executives: We would watch a live-action version of Jem. That would be truly outrageous. Get to work.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This is actually far less than meets the eye. For starters, we are tired of people putting Shia LeBouef in things. He is not hot, he is not very good and he is not enough – not NEARLY enough – to make us want to see a movie about talking robot cars who fight with talking robot guns. Or whatever. He’s just not sexy. And we can’t imagine having sexy robot-fighting adventures with him! No! So go away! Try again! Come back when you have a hotter dude! Also, Transformers is inherently stupid. Here’s why: Megatron and Optimus Prime are the same size, but Megatron changes into a gun and Optimus Prime changes into a truck. MAKE SENSE PLEASE, CARTOONS AND MOVIES BASED ON CARTOONS! This movie appeals to nostalgic dudes who enjoyed playing with Transformers, liked the cartoon movie (apparently, this was a thing. And Orson Welles was in it. Well, everybody makes mistakes) and are willing to part with their hard earned dollars to watch Michael Bay blow shit up real good. If you are going to do that, FINE. But you know what? Add a little something for the ladies. And no, not Josh Duhamel. Not good enough. Try harder, Hollywood.

Astro Boy

Ugh. Well, at least it’s not live action. That’s about all we care to say about that. Except that we can’t wait for Little Wonder: The Movie! Just kidding. We totally can. And Bill Nighy! He’s in everything! He’s the British Christopher Walken!

Land of the Lost

Will Ferrell does his schtick, Danny McBride does his schtick. CGI dinosaurs. Sleestaks. And Chuck from Pushing Daisies! OK, so it has that going for it. We miss that show! And ABC is FINALLY airing the last episodes, so you should watch them. Saturdays on ABC. You should not go see Land of the Lost. This type of thing only encourages Will Ferrell.

So those were the trailers we saw. Yeah. No. After the jump, find out what TOTALLY AWESOME trailers we would have liked to see instead.

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We reach a logical conclusion: We’d fuck those Starfleet cadets

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Never before have two mean girls been faced with such a stunning array of options for moviegoing entertainment. Jess and Tanis made the pilgrimage to the movie theatre in the middle of nowhere and were faced with a tough decision: Do they see a movie with hot dudes a plenty (in space), the Goddamn Batman yelling and saving mankind from killing robots (again), or Robert “Get me to a library!” Langdon with a side of Ewan “Father Hotpants” McGregor.

It was a tough call, but hot dudes doin’ stuff won out. Again. This time, they’re in space! And Iowa. Please, read on for a brief discussion of the movie and other things like our assessment of people who think Angels & Demons is good.

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