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TV will not work as background. It engages you. You have to be with it.

– Marshall McLuhan


Salomé was born by the river in a little tent and like the river, she’s been running ever since. Raised in the wilds of Alabama, she’s a moonshine heiress and a rock and roll debutante with a mean aim and a famous giggle. She travels a lot, usually to see concerts. She enjoys history, juke joints, pancakes, reading, music of every stripe, and sweet tea. She has doublejointed shoulders, a scary knowledge of commercial jingles, and no complaints.

She is currently at work on a screenplay based loosely on her adventures in music.

IM: La Madone du Roc

By day, Tanis watches endless CSI marathons on Spike. By night, she swears, drinks coffee and yells at that webslinging menace. By even later night, she tears up the roller derby track in Toronto as Bridget Bones. Tanis has a fine appreciation for bad romantic comedies, a crisp lager, true crime, pie (all kinds), the musical stylings of one Britt Daniel and the lower abdominal muscles of Ryan Reynolds Timothy Olyphant Alexander Skarsgard Harry Shum Jr. Weaknesses: Drummers, organized religion, snobs, bullets. It’s gotta be rock/roll music, if you wanna dance with her.

IM: johnny fame on

Jess D. Ripper
When “The Man” asked her to stop showing up for work without pants, Jess stuck it to him by tendering her resignation and tenderizing his kidney with a letter opener. Now she is the foremost baby merchant on the mean streets of sunny Toronto. For a mere eleven thousand dollars, she can get you a baby in a week or two. That’s a small price to pay for a toddler today. She loves the fake news, fake news anchors, and their building managers. In her spare time, she stalks Mary Worth and will not be denied.

IM: verrucosa


Sammy is a commie pink-haired bastard who loves kitties, Jamiroquai,, horror movies, feminist magazines, and is bound to her TV addiction by an overprogrammed DVR. Her husband has been forced to familiarize himself with pop-culture in order to keep up and is now a top-notch expert in zombies. A permanent resident of the U.S., she was born and raised in Australia and would kick someone in the shins for a steady supply of Vegemite and red cordial. Her favourite accessory is glitter in any form. She ALSO tears it up on the roller derby track (in the U.S.) as Cosmic Grrl.

sleep knitting

Kayte blinds people with library science and her amazing photography skillz. Kayte hails from Halifax; contrary to popular belief this does not make her a farmer or Anne Shirley. She will, however, get you drunk on cherry cordial. She enjoys Fleetwood Mac, marathons with her BtVS DVDs, peppermint tea, and having tight buns. And David Caruso’s balls.

IM: kaytethinks

Stoof parades around the streets of Halifax on a gilded sedan chair carried by a procession of small squirrels and pigeons. At night, tired of adulation and cheeks full of acorns, she retires to her yurt to practice putting on and taking off her Caruso sunglasses and her Grissom beard. Stoof enjoys looking through the Franklin Mint catalog, trolling the Dollar Store for beautiful Christmas gifts and watching documentaries about syphilitic corpses.


Jess isn’t as sad as she should be that she still remembers 9 out of 10 pivotal kisses in the Jack and Jennifer saga on Days of our Lives, the profoundly stupid guns-and-boys series Wanted on TNT, and several storylines involving Penhall, not Hanson, on 21 Jump Street. Jess also likes quality TV once in a while, though she sullies it with girlish squeeing (“ZOMG! Silas Adams is soooooooooooo dreamy!” “I *heart* Prez!”).

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