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“I’m Alive and on Fire,” True Blood: In Pictures

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Alright, alright, alright. I didn’t recap last week’s episode because it was a lot too rapey for me. And too terrible to talk about. But mostly too rapey. Usually I don’t mind the divergences from the book, although it would have been better if amnesiac Eric had been naked like in the books, but the change in the Hot Shot plotline from the books is just gross. In the books, the people in Hot Shot are insular and certainly different, but they are not the garbage monster stereotypes they are on the show. Anyway, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go behind the jump for this week’s hopefully less-rapey doings.

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“If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?,” True Blood: Recap Canceled

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No recap this week. I tried, I really did, but the grossness of this episode, particularly the last scene in Hot Shot, defeated me. Also, Lala needs to rest. I checked the rules and it seems that I reserve the right to cancel one recap each season. It’s right there in the bylaws, underneath the heading “Not The Maryann Kind.” So I’m canceling this one!

[One bright spot of this episode–ASkars, you sir, are brutally hot.] Anyway, I’ll be back at the regularly scheduled time next week. Auf wiedersehen!

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“You Smell Like Dinner,” True Blood: In Pictures.

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Turn off the lights, would ya, and join me after the jump…

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“She’s Not There,” True Blood: In Pictures.

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Hi, everyone! Like Tanis said in the last post, we’ve been very busy–I was tornadoed!–but now we’re back! This will be a bit on the abbreviated side, because I am v. sick. But anyway–

When we last left Bon Temps, some stuff had happened. Who can remember? Oh, I do. Fairies! Fuckin’ fairies. So let’s do it, ja?

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We now return from our regularly scheduled loafing.

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Hi! Hi! Sorry! Hi!

We’ve been rilly, rilly busy with work and life things. But not so busy that we couldn’t watch two entire cable series without posting anything at all about them!

We watched Game of Thrones and The Killing in their entirety. Guess who we think SHOULD have lost their head! Find out, after the jump!

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My name’s pronounced RICHARDE.

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Everybody’s favourite stupid surfer-dude actor from Veronica Mars and Party Down, Ryan Hansen, has scored the lead in a new NBC pilot, Lovelives.¬†According to the article behind that link, Hansen will play Tim,¬†“an attractive and smart professor of literature at Fordham University.”

Sooo…. they’re casting against type, then? Don’t get us wrong, we loved Ryan as rich, dumb dude Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars and he was super effective in Party Down, too. But… well, this:

Cassidy splashes Logan and Dick while swimming in the Casablancas pool.
Dick Casablancas: “Don’t make me go all ‘Ordinary People’ on you, Beav.”
Cassidy ‘Beaver’ Casablancas: “The older brother drowns, dumbass.”

And also:

Dick Casablancas: “So what… You’re just going to mope around like the guy in… What’s that book when the guy’s mom dies and he comes back to Jersey? And he’s got that motorcycle sidecar?”
Logan Echolls: “Garden State was never a book.”
Dick Casablancas: “It wasn’t? Oops… So much for that paper.”

Professor of Literature, Dick Casablancas, everybody.

Man, I miss Veronica Mars.

“The French Mistake,” Supernatural: Something Called A Jared Padalecki

Next week’s episode of Supernatural is super-meta and super-amazing: