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Glee in picture: Furt 2X08

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So I didn’t get around to doing this last week and it kind of shows that I didn’t give a care about this episode, which is not very cleverly titled FURT. They missed the obvious KINN/KIN portmanteau/pun, but came so close to the obvious FART reality:

So this is going to be a speed recap. Ready? Here we go:

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“In the Beginning,” Dexter

I have to say, I’m enjoying this season of Dexter more than I’ve enjoyed any other season…and I’ve enjoyed them all!

The X Factor: Justin Bieber, Man of Mayhem?

Justin Bieber appeared on the most recent episode of The X Factor sporting a biker cut.

It probably wouldn’t have been that odd except for that one patch reading “Man of Mayhem.” Nevermind that young Bieber is still a minor–hey, Bieberstylist, you know that words have meaning, right? Because on Sons of Anarchy, that patch is reserved for people who have…let’s just say, done something serious for the MC.

Maybe that’s not the image you want for your cultural phenomenon. But maybe it is. And if so, far be it from me to fence y’all in. Oh well, whatever–nevermind.

[And while we’re on the subject of SAMCRO, y’all should be watching it, because it’s a really great show.]

“Meet the Grandparents,” Raising Hope

If you are not watching Raising Hope, you are missing things like the incredible Garret Dillahunt channeling a teenage girl.

Look at your life; look at your choices.

Glee in Pictures: The Substitute 2X07 (Glee V. Goop)

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Guys. I’d like to apologize in advance for loving this episode of Glee.

I know I’m not supposed to like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I do. I like her movies. Even Sliding Doors. Hell, ESPECIALLY Sliding Doors. Jess can attest to the fact that I own it on DVD. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Scottish accents and meaningful haircuts and I tried to get the one she gets in that movie about three times in my life. It’s never worked.

So when this image graced my screen last week, it was all I could do not to clap my hands with delight:

I would like nothing more than to watch endless episodes of Animal Hoarders while getting highlights and drinking wine with Jane Lynch and Gwyneth Paltrow. Haters gonna hate.

Do I like her blog, Goop? No. But you know what? I don’t read it. I don’t care if she wants to tell you how to make herbs de provence and buy the best sparkling champagne or whatever the fuck it is she does. People constantly tell you to “get a blog” if you want to complain or pontificate on the Internets. And that appears to be exactly what she’s done, so why you mad, dudes?

Anyway. I like Gwyneth. She’s my homegirl. And this was the best episode of Glee since the pilot. Yeah, I said it.

Evidence after the jump.

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“Clap Your Hands If You Believe…,” Supernatural

This was very sweet.

[In case you didn’t know: Before working as a director and producer on Supernatural, the late Kim Manners worked on The X-Files.]

Glee’s never been missed

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Hey guys! How are you? Good? You’re good. What did you do last week without a terrible episode of Glee to watch?

I caught up with Terriers. It’s THE BEST. Glee, on the other hand, is THE WORST. At this point, it is good for one thing and one thing only: Mike Chang, I’ve got my eye on you.

And your fantastic abs, too!

This show has devolved into a weekly exercise of trying to decide which plotline I hated more.

In this episode, both Kurt andĀ Coach BeisteĀ reveal they’ve never been kissed. And then they are kissed by totally gross dudes (The bully Karofsky and Schue, respectively). YIKES. Will, you are terrible. Just because Shannon told you she’d never been kissed does NOT mean that she wants YOU to be her first kiss!

You’re turning into a full-on rapist! Er… a philanthropist? I don’t know! I don’t say words too good.

Anyway, that was a pretty shitty storyline. Because whenever Glee tries to make a point, it subverts that point. Like this week: “Kids, it is BAD to use people who are not as effortlessly handsome as yourselves for your own squicky cool-down purposes!” But… but… you just showed us a bunch of scenes where you put your not conventionally or even unconventionally attractive character actor into compromising positions to get cheap, easy laffs! (Also, why Mike was given a Schuester lecture with Sam is beyond me, since Tina’s the one trying to cool down. So does this mean Mike Chang doesn’t put out?)

But the question is, was that as shitty as Puck teaching Artie the ancient art of misogyny? While singing One Love? One of these things is not like the other.

Whatever. Moot points all, since obviously the worst was, as always, Will.

Welcome to Glee, new character Blaine with the weird eyebrows. Courage! (Guys, I feel kind of bad for him. Because this? Does not get better.)

Stay tuned for the full recap later this week!